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[Wednesday, May 10th, 2006 @ 3:48am]
it's been awhile since i've updated... and i am only doing so because i am awake on somebody's computer whom i really don't know but i am at their house?
i ordered RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS tix... 4 of them. me, rob, jared, and steph shall have times of our lives. each ticket was 50 bucks... which i guess isnt too bad.

damn. i hate being in the prescene of people making out when i dont have anyone. shoot me!

nah it's okay really.

last final is on friday (psych) and i havent studied for it yet...

welll bye everyone!

[Monday, April 10th, 2006 @ 1:25am]
i know if i went to bed and just layed there eventually i would, but i don't want to. but I WILL get up in the morning... because i have to go to the bank to see if they've closed my account...ha no joke.

well... i officially know now that tattoos are addictive. i just got the first one what... a month ago? yes,on my hipbone- a star design that i drew. and i already want another, but i can't yet. reason 1- no money! reason 2-i have to make sure i REALLY want it, esp since it will be there forever.
i think i want a floral design on my ribs... ekk i know... that would be so painful. all bones. i thought the hip would be excruciating, but it actually didnt hurt at all. hmm... i must stop thinking about it for now. i only am because i watched about 2 hours of Miami Ink episodes today.

school's almost over and then i am probably going on vacation to Massachhutsetsss. yes!

ok... i hope someone read this bc it is a pretty cool post. alright, peace out.
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[Thursday, March 30th, 2006 @ 12:38pm]
hey. yeah so i'm not trying out for crimsonette here at UA. it's the responsible choice to make. not that i would actually make it.... but if i did i know i wouldn't concentrate on school at all. i have enough trouble with that already...without something as huge as band on my schedule. makes me sad bc i miss twirling so much...it's so much fun. and i can't ever do it, i mean, there's a high chance of breaking things if you twirl indoors. and i wanted to wear a pretty costume dang it. oh well... i'm gonna take tap dance lessons next year or something fun like that. ok enough about that... since no one cares about it but me.

ooo two things i'm looking forward to.. well 3.
1.) ICE AGE 2- The Meltdown. this weekend. YES!
2.) TBS new album is out Apr 25th.
3.) Red Hot Flippin' Chili Peppers. new album. May 9th. 28 songs double album. wowza.

oh, boy, i need school to be over so i can hurry up and start workin at the daycare... so i can have money for all these things.
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[Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006 @ 6:23pm]
i don't know what to do anymore... everything i do is wrong. at least that's what my mom seems to think. i know i've made more mistakes this year than i have in my whole life... but it's not like i'm trying to. i just seem to have to make mistakes in order to learn anything (which sucks). i'm stubborn i guess and have to see if my way will work better... and it usually never does.

i need a job.. but school is almost over... so what's the point? mom came in here almost crying because she doesn't have enough money and she says i don't care about her. i do care.

i'm overdrawn in my bank account (with no income to fix that). i have to take so many summer classes because i'm a dumbass and can't decide what i want to do with my life. my indecision and procrastination is slowly killing me... and it's making my whole family mad at me.

i'm so far behind in everything and i truly do not know how to catch up.

i'm so mad at myself... all my problems are nobody's fault but my own and i hate myself for letting all of this happen.

i've hurt people's feelings.

AHH... i'm not gonna kill myself or anything. i just wish everything could work itself out.

oh, and someone be my lover ok?

[Saturday, February 18th, 2006 @ 12:31am]
i am officially a bad friend. well, i wouldn't say bad... but a bit neglectful sometimes. it's just so hard to stay in contact with friends who i don't see often/don't use the internet. wow, that really sounds bad. it's not because i don't care about them... i do. when you don't see someone a lot, you don't realize how much you care about them until they leave. a friend left for far away...up north, and i didn't say bye. but hey.... i'll still talk to him. it'll be okay.
i'm really good at getting mad at myself... blaming things on myself frequently, instead of others. but it's usually my fault, so that makes sense. i gues it's better to do that... then other people don't stuck with unecessary blame.
idk what i'm talking about now.... now i'm just in that rambling state of mind where i could just talk to someone for hours... verbally, not online preferrably. but there's no one to talk to beside me... hmm.

i love my friends.... new or old, it doesn't matter. hardly any of them will read this... but it feels better to say (type) it.

i want to care more...about everything...i'm so apathetic lately. i got in a small wreck, i can probably get a paint job out of it... but i still havent gotten the police report yet. LAZINESS. i hate it.

i'm gonna try to go to church on sunday... haven't been in way too long.
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[Sunday, January 29th, 2006 @ 12:36am]
i know i just updated but i wanted to add something.
i finally let myself cry. about something worth crying about. not a person or a thing.
there's so much more to life than what everyone thinks life is about. life is a so short when you look at it next to eternity. which one is more important?... the latter. but sometimes that gets pushed to the back of your mind.

i'm sorry. i had to get that off my chest.

[Saturday, January 28th, 2006 @ 11:42pm]
[ mood | weird ]

wow. been over a month since i've used this thing.
i would say i've finally found a life and fulfilling activities to consume my time but..... nope. that's not really the case. i just haven't felt like it.
i'm still at UA and it's going about the same as last semester. which is probably not a good thing, my math class is harder than i expected and i'm already behind. i can't wait til next semester when i won't live on campus. yeah, it's really fun living in the dorms.... and that's my point. it's so hard to keep people outta my room so i can do work. and the libraries have windows which my eyes really like to drift towards. i think i need concentration medication.
somehow.... according to the bank i am broke. i dunno how that happened... now way did i spend a thousand bucks in a month. now i have to do "financial work". so... time to make signs and set up a spot on mcfarland and hope people pity me and throw valuable things at me. no... not really.
it's time to get a job.
oh yeah. last night steph and i went to trussville to hang with rob and this other guy named gus, who is also cool. playgrounds are more fun at night.
well i'll catch you cool cats on the flip side... or something....

oh yeah i almost forgot. chemistry is a hard thing to master. and i'm NOT talkin about the chem 101 class i'm taking. the kind i'm referring to is so much more complicated.


[Sunday, December 25th, 2005 @ 9:53pm]
yeah so merry christmas and such!!!

life update:
i'm staying at BAMA
why? because i got more money offered there, i like the dorm, can't live on campus at UAB, ad why the hell change when you really don't have to? so there we go.
so i moveed out of my UA dorm for nothing.... now i have to move back in grrr
oh well, that is the result of my indecisiveness, procrastination, and bad decision making skillz!

oh yeah... and steph and i are seriously considering the prospect of purchasing a penguin next year while in college

but i need a lot of waterr

[Thursday, December 15th, 2005 @ 11:48pm]
i don't care if no one reads or comments on these.
i just like writing.... publicly.
i'm so mad because i went to get my hair cut in t-town at this place that did a spectacular job last time so i went back yesterday. to get a cool haircut. didn't happen.it's awful. that lady was a dyke... she really was. he kept bashing men claiming all they want is sex and she kept telling me i was cute and that evangeline rose was the prettiest name in the world. oh well hair grows life goes on. until then... my hair will be contained in a tiny ponytail hiding from the world.

my whole dorm room is in my car... what a talent. it will probably remain there until i feel like unloading it.

i'm gonna start reading again... really good and thought provoking books. anyone know any?

[Wednesday, December 14th, 2005 @ 11:51pm]
[ mood | ehh who cares? ]

tonight is my last night at university of alabama. i have the strange urge to sit in the living room all night by our glowing ficcus (sp) and stare blankly into the Riverside parking lot and try to locate my car. just for fun of course. but i won't. why? you ask. because i'm not wearing pants and i don't feel like putting any on. and i might get in trouble for indecent exposure. i had to say bye to people today i didn't want to say bye to. not bc i don't like them but because i do like them. michael introduced me to his mom before he left by saying "hey mom this is evangeline. she smokes pot with me."

i wish i had made more friends here. but the ones i made are pretty rad.

i've decided i am going to start eating a lot of raw vegetables. and raw fruit. all fruit is raw i think. but yes... college made me fat. really did. damn college. so i will be at home... which means i don't have to buy food anymore...which means i can ask mom for costly raw fruits and vegetables. well there's an advantage.

wow somehow my chemistry final is showing its ugly little head and i dont like it one bit. those chem exams are the stealthiest mothas i've ever seen. sneak up on me every time. not excluding my final tommorrow. the bad thing is i really don't care. i don't want to study anymore. i've already slacked this whole semester. so why break the chain this late in the game? im kidding. tommorrow i'm gonna study my elbow hair off. after i load all my crap into my car. which should take at least two and a half hours im guessing.

lately these entrys have been very verbose and very frequent. i have no clue why? i guess i have a lot on my mind and i like putting it in a form in which i can read it. that way i can go back in about 8 days.... read what i wrote, and think...damn i'm an idiot.

since i've been in college i have changed. you'd have to ask someone other than me whether it's been for the better or the worse. that sentence made absolutely no sense. all i know is that my personality has evolved a bit. i just think i finally took off my rose colored frames off my naive face. but that's grand.

i can't wait to start school next semester. it will be different...and so will i. in the way that i won't waste all of my time on the internet watching mitch hedberg, mad tv stuart skits, dave chappelle, and various other video recordings (not those kind). i will study. so.... i need to find more people with livejournal so more people can read my crap.

well i'm gonna go pretend to take nyquil or some other substance to knock me out.

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[Tuesday, December 13th, 2005 @ 2:29am]
[ mood | awake ]

i'm feeling pretty good now. yeah one final down 2 to go. i got an 86 on that math one... pretty good i think. it was easy.
tomorrow- english... should be really easy
wednesday- study all day...i think i'll go to booksamillion and look all college-y and stuff ha
thursday- ahhh. chemistry final. i'm gonna die. really. dead.

ok... i don't know why i just wrote out my whole week schedule for you all. i know you guys care. ha

umm. i'm gonna miss my roommates... well molly and emma a lot. molly's going back to tulane in new awlins. emma's just about the coolest chick ever. and i'm gonna miss michael, he's my scary black friend... not really though. he's the best. makes me laugh more than anyone here at bama. yeah... those are the only people i'll miss. some i'll be glad to never see again. wow that was mean, oh well. oh yeah, i'll miss my slutty jewish neighbor joel haha.

i need to sleep. i'm not tired though. or sleepy. man.
starting friday i have to work again... back to being a baby wrangler... oh what fun

muah bright eyes is my source of happiness right now. makes me so happy.

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[Saturday, December 10th, 2005 @ 2:18pm]
[ mood | busy ]

so last night Steph and i got lost in bham and ended up around uab. and i thought... wow i really wanna live on campus next semester. i agree Sara... we should be roomies. but i think it may be too late, i dunno. if i have to live at home i might go insane. i mean i know stephanie my best friend in the whole world is here and a couple other people... but really... i'm not gonna have any friends. of course living at school means meeting a bunch of asses and jerks. i learned that at bama, but it also means meeting some really cool people too. i don't know what to do. i think i'm developing an anger/uncontrollable rage problem. but i don't act on it... i just think things in my head that i want to say... excuse me.scream... at people but i don't. and that's good cause if i did things would be worse than they are now.
i like to drive when i get mad or upset... and i am those things a lot which means heavy gas wasteage. i guess i need to find a new way.
christmas is in 2 weeks and i don't feel all christmasy like i should...\ but i am making cookies today.
i need to study for my finals this week. i haven't yet. and i have to rewrite an essay cause the damn janitor threw it away when it was clearing not meant to be disposed of.

imbeciles.. that's what they are (but so am i)


[Saturday, December 3rd, 2005 @ 1:40am]
[ mood | discontent ]

tonight i went on a date with steph haha. i'm her temporary boyfriend for the weekend. we saw rent... my second time seeing it.. yes! and i was happy all evening because i put my problem in the back of my head.
but now i'm at home, and it's quiet-- so i think. thinking is bad.... whoever invented thinking and pondering should have thought harder before they did so.
i'm pretty sure i effed up a relationship.... but who knows. i'll give it some more time i guess and try not to worry. if i did mess up i'm gonna hurt myself. wow yeah

i need some zanex or prozac or whatever that "make you happy" shit is


sajdhbbDFHBBfc [Tuesday, November 29th, 2005 @ 12:54pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

i don't know. i'm suppossed to be in english class right now, but i didn't do my reading response so why go? seems like school should be over now.... but i need to go to class until the end. i've already missed too much. once again i don't know why i'm wasting my finger energy typing this, because anyone who actually reads this probably knows all my problems anyway.
my mind is on other things besides school now so it's hard to care about college. but i have to do really good on my finals. i don't even know my last 2 chem test grades and i really don't want to.
i told him. finally... wrote it down in black (actually dark blue) and white. who knows? maybe something good will come of it and i'll be happy. or i've made a mistake and ruined a great friendship. let's hope it's not the latter. we'll see. i'm trying not to worry about it.
hmmm i think i'm gonna delete this whole journal account thing and make a xanga. i doubt it though, cause i'm lazy. or maybe i'll have both. i don't know anyone with a xanga except steven bagley. oh well.
i have my uab class registration on thursday. john said i'm gonna get crappy classes cause everyone else has already registered. damn oh well.

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[Saturday, November 26th, 2005 @ 3:34pm]
[ mood | confused ]

don't ask me why i'm updating again. i only do this when i'm really really bored. and i don't want to be bored. i want to go somewhere, and see...

went to trussville again last night with kayla to hang with rob and his friend. kenneth. i got some awesome brown shoes at academy... then went to smoothie joe's and tried to get brain freezes. it wasn't very successful though. then rob ditched us... haha just kidding wrob! :)
i saw rent last night at 10:30.... an awesome movie! but don't see it if you have a problem with musicals, gay people, or druggies. cause it's full of em.

i also don't know if i wanna live at home next semester... since i'm gonna be at uab. i think i might go insane if i live at home. i hope this college change thing isn't a huge mistake.

i don't know what to do anymore.... everything is so difficult now. why are people so hard to read? i know i probably am too but gosh. something so simple to say... it really is. but i can't. i don't think it's worth it anyway.... no it is, it definetely is. then i wait to let him know before he leaves?? i should've said something sooner.

wow i feel like i'm schizo... i'm here argueing with myself and contradicting myself. wait, no i'm not.... (kidding i couldn;t help it... i had to say that one)

probably only very few of you know what or who i'm talking about. and if you do... you're probably sick to death of hearing about it. but i'm sick to death of feeling this.... so i'm sorry.

i'm not desperate for encouraging words so i'm gonna ask for any. but if you wanna say something, i love you for it!

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[Thursday, November 17th, 2005 @ 6:47pm]
[ mood | blank ]

blah blah blah i don't even know why i'm updating because know one ever cares. oh well i guess i'm just bored and i just took a chem test that was absolute shit. but it's okay.
last entry was about a concert and so is this one...because they're the only fun activities in my life right now ha. BRIGHT EYES!!! last night in athens, GA. wow so far away. me and steven jackson. it was fun yeah, we ummm almost didn't get in bc they thought we had already picked up the tickets but ut was just them effing up. got pulled over... but it was all good...did i just say all good?
it's wierd getting home at 4:30 in the morning and going to sleep around 5:30. my clock is all screwy now dang.
we determined that atlanta is one sexy city. especially at 2 in the morning when there's no traffic and you can actually look at it.
conor oberst is just about the most awesome guy in indie rock and an amazzing performer. wowness.

ok i'm done with this incessant (sp?) rambling

i'll update again in about 2 months or something who knows

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wow what a fun time [Sunday, October 9th, 2005 @ 7:36pm]
ok..so great weekend. well, saturday sucked but whatever! i skipped chemistry on friday (which is always fun) to come home for my chemical romance concert. by the way...ticketmaster and i had an ugly dispute over the tickets i ordered and i hate them...but i did somehow get a free ticket out of the whole ordeal. i should have taken in a random person. anyway, so me, steph and tricia met up with steven bagley (street whore lol)...and stood outside boutwell forever. anyway the concert was ok...nothing in comparision to the last one i went to but whatever. mcr's singer talks like a girl and i thought it was amusing when he called us mothereffr's about 563 times..lol. ok i'm done telling you guys bout my life. time to go abck to t-town...blah blah blah and fail some more college!

[Sunday, October 2nd, 2005 @ 12:54am]
oh my freaking lord!!!!
i've discovered the most awesome song ever!!!! you ready? The Blower's Daughter by Damien Rice, it's from the movie Closer with
ok sry, i just had to share it
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[Saturday, October 1st, 2005 @ 2:03pm]
i wanna live somewhere cool. alabama is such a lameeeee state. one day i will.
new update in my life:(if anyone here cares) nexts emester i won't be at bama anymore...i'm transfering to the big UAB. wooo, i won't go into deets on what an idiot i am.
ha i have a new friend on the first floor, i'm going to spinning class with her. fun.
only like 2 months and a week of school left.\

[Wednesday, September 21st, 2005 @ 11:26am]
[ mood | content ]

i'm not a whore or a drunk. can i meet a guy who appreciates that?
wait, i have. he just doesn't live here.
3 in the morning has got to stop being my bedtime.


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